Becoming a Yogi

When I was in college, I joined a sorority. I never thought that I would be THAT type of girl – but at my school, it all just felt different! I joined during the second semester of my freshman year and my life forever changed. I immediately had 100 new girls who were forced to be my friend whether they liked it or not – how cool is that? In all serious though, I did make some truly wonderful friendships through my sorority and I will forever be grateful for the experiences that I had.

So yoga – what’s that got to do with anything? Getting there – hold your horses. Our sorority pledge class often had class “bonding events” at various locations. Volunteering, eating out, hanging out, eating in, going to the park, eating at the park – you get the idea. One fine day, I received notice that our next bonding event would be at a local yoga studio. The studio offered “your first week free” – so I figured, why not? I’ll go enjoy 7 days of free yoga and never show my face again! No harm!



Famous last words. Ever since, I have consistently held an unlimited yoga membership at one studio or another. From St. Louis to Boston to Columbus – I have continued to practice yoga and loved every minute of it. I began to consider the idea of becoming a Yoga teacher pretty early on as I have always loved teaching others. However, the high cost and large time commitment deterred me time and time again. Sometime in 2015, my husband and I were visiting his sister in Minneapolis – Jess, a fellow yogi took me to her studio – CorePower Yoga. My first CorePower class was a 75 minute Sculpt class – for those of you who have never been to CorePower, this is a heated yoga class using weights. Needless to say, it was HARD! My butt was majorly kicked but I loved every minute of it. After Jake and I decided to move back to Columbus from Boston, I was thrilled to find out that CorePower would be opening two locations very close to where we were living. I knew immediately that this could be my new yoga home.

The studios opened in early 2016 and I attended class almost immediately – I loved that the studios were clean, the instructors were energized and fun, and the classes were hard. Through the years, my appreciation for a more
soulful yoga experience has definitely grown – having said that, I prefer (dare I say) Americanized version of Power Vinyasa which is sweaty and cathartic and makes you want to lay down on your mat and never get up. I found this appreciation for strength and sweat at CorePower.

Later that year, when I learned CorePower would be holding one of its Power Yoga Teacher Training sessions, I decided to take the first step. I spoke to a few of my favorite instructors about the program, about teaching at CorePower, and their personal experiences. They were incredibly candid and helpful – telling me about their opinions, why they chose to train where they did, etc. They encouraged me to follow my gut and take the leap if I really felt it was the right time. So, I forked over the “dolla dolla bills” and I took the plunge – PYTT was getting a new Teacher Trainee!

I have heard that people have all sorts of experiences during yoga teacher training. Some people really feel that they find themselves. Others, find new meaning to life. As for me, I found a new best friend. My “Ohmie” Sam, who I met through teacher training has become one of my newest and closest friends. And I will forever be grateful that TT brought us together. Not to mention, I did learn a LOT about my own yoga practice and my yoga skills absolutely improved! How could they not ever doing yoga for like A MILLION HOURS?! All in all, it was a fabulous experience.

Today, I am a yoga instructor at two different studios – CorePower Yoga and System of Strength. I absolutely love both studios for COMPLETELY different reasons. They cater to different clientele – and my classes at each studio are very different. I love getting input from all types of people regarding their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses – it all makes me a better yoga instructor! I love sharing my love for yoga with others and I cannot wait to share it with you all as well!

Note – the featured photo is 100% NOT ME! Nor is it my photo¬†– but isn’t it stunning?!? (Thank you Yoga Journal for the beautiful imagery). Love love love it.

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  • Wow Haley! I love reading about your journey to becoming a yogi! Love that in your blog you speak to finding the balance between fitness and living life, cause it’s certainly something I aim for too! Can’t wait to read more!

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