• This healthy Avocado Cream Sauce is packed with good fats, protein & flavor. Toss it over any type of veggie or traditional noodle for an allstar easy meal! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Avocado Cream Sauce

    Isn’t it crazy to think about back when avocados weren’t EVERYWHERE? It was like we went from rarely using them, to centering meals AROUND them. For example, avocado toast (duh), avocado egg bakes, and best of all – this Avocado Cream Sauce! Incredibly easy and delicious – it is a MUST try! But before we get into that… let’s talk…

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    Easy Fish Tacos

    Before we get started talking about these AMAZINGLY Easy Fish Tacos, I’d like to provide a quick little life update! What a WHIRLWIND the past two months have been! I apologize that it has been SO long since my last food post, but we have had quite a bit going on! Jake and I went to Paris for our one…

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    Easy Wonton Soup

    I am so tired of this crazy weather! Here in Columbus, I keep thinking we have FINALLY made it over the peak of cold weather and then – just kidding, it’s back! A flurry of snow in April?? Come on! I don’t know about you but sometimes I just need a little bowl of something wonderful to warm my soul!…

  • Inspired by the original Pinch of Yum recipe for Spicy Zoodles with Crispy Tofu, this Crispy Peanut Tofu is quite possibly my new favorite protein. Over cold zoodles, warm farro, sweet potato noodles, rice, cauliflower rice, greens, or anything else - loaded with Spicy Peanut Sauce, this tofu is in for the win! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Crispy Peanut Tofu (V)

    Before we even begin to discuss this INCREDIBLE Crispy Peanut Tofu, I must give MAJOR credit to the amazing and fabulous, Lindsay Ostrom, the powerhouse behind one of my FAVORITE food blogs, Pinch of Yum. This recipe was completely and totally inspired by Lindsay’s recipe for Sesame Zoodles with Crispy Tofu. In fact, this is basically Lindsay’s recipe – I…