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Food Find Fridays – Fig and Thyme Crisp Crackers

So while I was still working on The Hungry Bride, I had a really fun posting tradition! Every Friday was “Etsy Feature Friday!” What does this mean? Well – on The Hungry Bride I posted a lot about wedding planning. So on Fridays, I liked to have a special feature post about an Etsy product or series of products that I had my eye on! For example, marquee lights, personalized stamps, guest book alternatives, personalized matchbox favors, custom ring boxes, etc. I figure – why not continue the tradition but with something more NOMaste focused?! Say hello to Food Find Fridays!

Food Find Fridays will focus on all my new new fun food finds! Some weeks I may focus on a new food product that I found at the grocery store, or maybe a new food combination recommended by a friend, or even a phenomenal dish from a restaurant. from a restaurant, or even from a friend!

Simple Truth Fig and Thyme Crisp Crackers

This Friday – I would like to feature a new AMAZING cracker that I found at Kroger. Simple Truth Fig and Thyme Crisp Crackers. Oh. Em. Gee. Crackers are not all created equal my friends. Yeah, sure – you could buy a box of a million saltine crackers for around minimal dollar bills (no insult towards the saltine – who doesn’t love a good ol’ sleeve of saltines? I digress!)

These are the type of crackers that taste, and look, like they are fancy. That’s right – they be fancy crackers! If I had them at a restaurant, I would think they were baked right there in the kitchen! Yes – I am gullible. But they are seriously a piece of art!! Look at them!!

There is actually another brand of cracker that I LOVE. I had it for the first time at a friend’s cocktail party and thought, “these are AMAZING!” I went to the store and happened to see them sitting over by the deli counter and thought – yum! As I was checking out, through self-checkout duh, I noticed the price ring up… $7.99!!!! WHAT? For a box of crackers? I called the attendant over immediately thinking the price had to be wrong… it was not. Needless to say I did not purchase those crackers on that day. Anyway, back to business!!

I am SO excited because now I found a replacement cracker for half the price! Amazing! The crackers have an incredibly rich, salty crunch which is perfectly balanced by sweet, chewy fig and flavorful thyme. There is so much complexity to enjoy – which is why they are incredible with a simple, soft cheese. I ate half my crisps plain on the way home from the grocery store because I was so excited by their deliciousness. But, once I took a moment to breathe between cracker mouthfuls, I discovered that they were even MORE delicious when dressed up with a little crumbled goats’ cheese and fresh thyme.

Oh yeah and then I also added some honey on there – because honey is delightful. What an easy and delicious snack!

I tried them with hummus – I’ll be honest, not my favorite combination. But I think any type of cheese or jam would be PHENOM! Or cheese and jam! Or charcuterie! MMMMMM!! Thank you Simple Truth!!

Try out these crackers next time you’re at the store, I promise you won’t be disappointed! And don’t forget to check out next week’s edition of… Food Find Friday!


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