• Sweet, dense, braided Greek butter cookies, perfect with a cup of coffee or tea! These melt-in-your-mouth sweet vanilla almond morsels are incredibly easy to make and even more delicious to eat! One Koulourakia will just not be enough! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Koulourakia (Greek Butter Cookies)

    Koulouraki – pronounced koo-loo-RAH-kee-ah. Also known as, Greek Butter Cookies or Greek Easter Cookies. I know what you’re thinking… first Hamantaschen now Koulourakia? Where do these crazy names come from? Well, naturally, they come from the two largest groups of crazy food loving people – the Jews and the Greeks! Its true – I am not Greek! Its all Greek to me! Ha, ha, get it? I have a best friend named Hypatia – she is actually not Greek either. But her name is Greek. I do love Greek food. But who doesn’t? So why am I making Koulourakia? Here in Columbus, Jake and I have two incredible friends – Mike and…