• Crispy tofu coated with sweet yet tangy sauce, this Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu won't disappoint! Enjoy over a bed of veggie noodles, farro, or greens! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu (V)

    I tend to forget how much I enjoy tofu. It always seems like SUCH an effort to make when I am at the grocery store brainstorming what I want to eat in the coming week. But it is so friggen good with the right sauce. And it really isn’t that hard! The trick is being patient! Mushy tofu might be the worst… but crispy pan-fried tofu tossed and delicious sauce. MWA! Delicious! Whether you love tofu or have never tried it, you should absolutely try this Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu. When I bought tofu at the store they other day, I had full intentions of making my FAVORITE¬†Crispy…