• These Molasses Crinkle cookies have been a holiday tradition since started baking way back when as a little kid. Rich, chewy molasses cookies spiked with a dash of hot cayenne pepper, then rolled in sugar before baking. | NOMaste Kitchen

    Molasses Crinkle Cookies

    I love Molasses Crinkle cookies. All the seasonings, the dark, sweet molasses – they just ooze with holiday feels! Family, friends, time at home – holiday foods just make you feel good inside and out! I can hardly believe we are coming up on the month of November – before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here! Thanksgiving is 100% my favorite holiday though. I absolutely love all the foods, going home to see family and friends, and did I mentioned, the food? Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. Whether its a special dish, watching football, or preparing for black Friday – it is just a lovely time to…

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    26 Inspiring Christmas Cookie Recipes

    Who doesn’t love a good Christmas cookie? The answer is obviously no one – because everyone loves cookies. Unless you are one of those weirdos who does not even like sweets. Well then my friend, this is the wrong post for you to be reading! This year, while I was trying to plan out which Christmas cookies to make when and how many batches to make and who to share them with – I started to question, what makes a cookie a Christmas cookie? After much investigation, I determined that yes – there are a few cookies which are almost always associated with Christmas. But realistically, you can call ANY…