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    Mushroom and Walnut Vegan Bolognese

    I will be honest, I don’t have a ton of experience with vegan cooking. However, every time that I have ever made a vegan recipe, I have loved it. Vegan Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese – AMAZING! Black Bean Brownies – so good! Cooking vegan requires a little additional thought and creativity. When I am normally cooking, if something doesn’t taste quite right there are so many non-vegan easy solutions. Add butter.  If you need a quick protein, add chicken. Cooking with vegan ingredients, like anything else, is learning process! If you aren’t accustomed, it can be a challenge! But there is so much to learn, and so many yummy vegan…

  • This Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese is so rich and creamy you'd never know it is completely DAIRY-FREE! A healthy alternative to the traditional classic! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Vegan Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

    This Vegan Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese is SURE to surprise you. I know it surprised me! I NEVER thought something with cheese in the name could be made so damn delicious without using cheese at all! Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? I mean seriously – it is the ultimate comfort food. Warm and oh so cheesy cheesy… But of course most mac and cheese recipes are loaded with calories. I have been wanting to try and make a healthy mac and cheese recipe for quite some time now – but whenever I have tried to research other recipes, I have been overwhelmed by the number of recipe variations…

  • Inspired by the original Pinch of Yum recipe for Spicy Zoodles with Crispy Tofu, this Crispy Peanut Tofu is quite possibly my new favorite protein. Over cold zoodles, warm farro, sweet potato noodles, rice, cauliflower rice, greens, or anything else - loaded with Spicy Peanut Sauce, this tofu is in for the win! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Crispy Peanut Tofu (V)

    Before we even begin to discuss this INCREDIBLE Crispy Peanut Tofu, I must give MAJOR credit to the amazing and fabulous, Lindsay Ostrom, the powerhouse behind one of my FAVORITE food blogs, Pinch of Yum. This recipe was completely and totally inspired by Lindsay’s recipe for Sesame Zoodles with Crispy Tofu. In fact, this is basically Lindsay’s recipe – I simply made a few alterations!   This Crispy Peanut Tofu though… OMG! I have now made it twice in one week. And I have eaten it for pretty much every meal – because seriously, the Crispy Peanut Tofu IS that good. I have enjoyed it over zoodles (as suggested by Lindsay!),…

  • Easy Red Thai Chickpea Curry - Warm, comforting, and full of flavor - This bold red Thai curry is protein packed and nutrient-rich! Enjoy as-is or over rice for an easy and delicious vegan meal! | NOMasteKitchen
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    Easy Red Thai Curry with Chickpeas (V)

    Like many of my recipes, the idea for this Easy Red Thai Curry with Chickpeas was established a bit unconventionally. I LOOOOoOoOoOOOOVE THAI CURRY!! It’s creamy, rich, flavorful, and SO delicious. My go to Thai takeout order – yellow curry with shrimp AND Pad Se Ewe – because obviously one dish is not enough to satisfy my taste buds. Who do you think I am? So yes yellow curry, drenched over rice and pad se ewe – omg. I am hungry now. About now you might be wondering why you are not reading about a recipe for yellow curry… getting there guys – hold your horses. Anyway – ever since I…