Who is the Hungry Bride?

‘TIS ME!!!!! I am the Hungry Bride? Or I guess, I was the Hungry Bride?

In 2015 I created a blog, The Hungry Bride, to share baking recipes and talk about all things wedding planning. In mid-2016, I got very busy with work and found the blog to be extremely difficult to maintain. Each recipe that I posted was a new recipe that I had created myself. I did not want to share mediocre recipes with my followers, so I would careful experiment before ever publishing post. Sometimes I would have to test out 5-6 different variations of the same recipe, and it still might be bad! This became extremely time consuming and expensive (chocolate chips are pricey) – and I will admit, I sometimes let frustration get the best of me.

As my full time job picked up, my blog fell by the wayside – which was very sad! But I just couldn’t find the time to keep up with it the way that I wanted to. After getting married, it suddenly felt silly to continue paying to maintain a blog that I was not using. Was I really even a bride anymore? How long can one be considered a bride anyway? According to Google, one is only a bride on the day of the wedding. Woops! Looks like I totally went beyond that rule!

I loved this blog and was truly sad to let it go but I believe it was the right decision. Starting NOMaste Kitchen has been incredibly exciting and fun! It feels like a fresh start! I am hoping to share some of my recipes from my Hungry Bride days with you all here and continue to relish in the joys of baking and eating!

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