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    The PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Friends – you know that I prefer to post my own, original recipes. But THESE Chocolate Chip Cookies are actually the BEST most PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies that I have EVER tasted! And I simply had to share the recipe with you all. I know, it is unbelievable! Where did they come from? Whose recipe are they? Why are they so delicious? What makes them different? Don’t worry, I will answer all these important questions! Where? My good friend Leah made these cookies first and was SO impressed that I forced her to share the recipe with me! Who? The recipe was posted on Lauren Conrad’s website (shocker, I know)…

  • Crispy tofu coated with sweet yet tangy sauce, this Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu won't disappoint! Enjoy over a bed of veggie noodles, farro, or greens! | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu (V)

    I tend to forget how much I enjoy tofu. It always seems like SUCH an effort to make when I am at the grocery store brainstorming what I want to eat in the coming week. But it is so friggen good with the right sauce. And it really isn’t that hard! The trick is being patient! Mushy tofu might be the worst… but crispy pan-fried tofu tossed and delicious sauce. MWA! Delicious! Whether you love tofu or have never tried it, you should absolutely try this Sweet Hoisin and Hot Honey Tofu. When I bought tofu at the store they other day, I had full intentions of making my FAVORITE Crispy…

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    Sweet Hot Honey Carrots

    For a long time, I legitimately hated cooked carrots. They were just never very good! I always thought they came out way too mushy, or awkwardly mushy on the outside but hard on the inside… bleh. It wasn’t until I was served cooked carrots at a restaurant (one of our favorites here in Columbus) that I realized how delicious cooked carrots could really be. These Sweet Hot Honey Carrots prove that cooked carrots can and are delicious (when cooked correctly) – not to mention they look great on your plate! What is hot honey? Hot honey is chili-pepper infused honey. I first had hot honey at one of our favorite…

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    Mushroom and Walnut Vegan Bolognese

    I will be honest, I don’t have a ton of experience with vegan cooking. However, every time that I have ever made a vegan recipe, I have loved it. Vegan Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese – AMAZING! Black Bean Brownies – so good! Cooking vegan requires a little additional thought and creativity. When I am normally cooking, if something doesn’t taste quite right there are so many non-vegan easy solutions. Add butter.  If you need a quick protein, add chicken. Cooking with vegan ingredients, like anything else, is learning process! If you aren’t accustomed, it can be a challenge! But there is so much to learn, and so many yummy vegan…

  • Breakfast Food

    Copycat Fox in the Snow Souffled Egg Sandwich with Bacon and Cheese

    HEYA FRIENDS!! How’s it hanging? I cannot wait to share this new Souffled Egg Sandwich recipe. It is seriously SO. GOOD. I don’t know about you all but I LOVE eggs. Brunch is just – the best. I could eat eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner. Here in Columbus there is an amazing little cafe called Fox In the Snow. They have THE best pastries and coffee – but most importantly, the most incredible egg sandwich that I have ever tasted in my life. I kid you not – the BEST. There is a thick, fluffy layer of egg, topped with creamy cheese, crispy bacon, arugula and an incredible sauce…

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    Chicken Tortilla Gumbo

    This Chicken Tortilla Gumbo was a completely delicious surprise! When I first made it, I never thought it would be something that I would post here – but we loved it so much, I just had to share! The birth of this recipe is a funny story actually… A few weeks back Jake and I went to the grocery store together. Now you might not think this is a big deal, but Jake NEVER comes to the grocery store with me! So I was excited. It was a cold wintery Sunday and he had suggested that I make Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner – great! Problem was, we got to…

  • Creamy, cheesy ricotta, loaded with oregano and spiked with red pepper flakes. This Baked Ricotta Appetizer is like heaven in a casserole dish. | NOMaste Kitchen

    Baked Ricotta Appetizer

    Guys – I am aware that I claim to love a lot of different things, namely foods. But when I say that I love ricotta cheese, I mean that I really – like really – LOVE ricotta cheese. I eat lasagna because I love ricotta. Stuffed Shells. Manicotti. Its true, these foods are delicious – but they are delicious because of the baked ricotta. This Baked Ricotta Appetizer is everything you love about ricotta – in a pan, on its own, no gimics. Just straight up DELICIOUSNESS. I mean come on – how good does that look? Creamy, cheesy ricotta, loaded with oregano and spiked with red pepper flakes. This…

  • Decadent fudge brownies that will melt-in-your-mouth! Full of chocolatey chunks and rich cocoa - these brownies are almost as easy to make as the box! | NOMaste Kitchen

    Fudgy Homemade Brownies

    Who doesn’t love fudge brownies? I mean seriously. Brownies are just incredible. I would take a brownie over any and all other desserts – cake (no problem), cookies (that’s a tough one, but yes), and even ice cream (sorry mom, don’t disown me!). When it comes to most sweets – cookies, muffins, quickbreads – I much prefer to make recipes from scratch. Most boxed mixes just aren’t that good… Except when it comes to brownies. There are some boxed brownie mixes that are VERY hard to beat. And of course, they are so easy! I usually like to keep a box or two in the house just in case the…

  • Creamy, rich goats' cheese, perfectly balanced by zesty marinara - this TWO-ingredient Baked Goat Cheese Marinara Dip is equally easy and impressive! | NOMaste Kitchen

    Baked Goat Cheese Marinara Dip

    This Baked Goat Cheese Marinara Dip is 100% the easiest appetizer you will EVER MAKE! Its literally TWO INGREDIENTS! Goats’ Cheese… and Marinara. CRAZY. I KNOW. Having said that – you will be awed by how delicious it tastes and impressive it looks. I don’t know about you all – but I am definitely a Type A personality. I like having a plan. I like knowing what is happening when, making lists, checking items off as I go – all the good stuff. That’s why I find it extremely frustrating when I run OUT of time unexpectedly. Just last weekend, we had plans to go to a friend’s for dinner…

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    BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza

    Who doesn’t love a good pizza? I know that I do. Pretty much any kind of pizza in fact. White pizza, pesto pizza, meat pizza – any type really. Thin crust, thick crust, deep dish – there are just so many possible combinations of pizza, and they are ALL GOOD! I feel like I could eat pizza for days, and not get sick of it. There are just so many different combinations and variations. Of course, pizza is usually not dietetic – so eating it everyday probably would not be the best choice. This pizza however, this pizza is easy AND relatively healthy (in terms of pizza…). I started with…