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    Fudgy Homemade Brownies

    Who doesn’t love fudge brownies? I mean seriously. Brownies are just incredible. I would take a brownie over any and all other desserts – cake (no problem), cookies (that’s a tough one, but yes), and even ice cream (sorry mom, don’t disown me!). When it comes to most sweets – cookies, muffins, quickbreads – I much prefer to make recipes from scratch. Most boxed mixes just aren’t that good… Except when it comes to brownies. There are some boxed brownie mixes that are VERY hard to beat. And of course, they are so easy! I usually like to keep a box or two in the house just in case the…

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    Black Bean Brownies

    Black Bean Brownies – I would LOVE to know who was like hmm – maybe my black beans would taste good with some chocolate…? WHAT? HOW STRANGE! But what a successful endeavor! I have always been nervous to make Black Bean Brownies. I honestly have no idea why, they just seemed like they must be complicated. How could making black beans turn into chocolate brownies be easy? So, instead of taking a swing and totally missing – I decided to go to an expert for help. Chocolate Covered KatieĀ is an awesome blog for healthy desserts (and more). Katie makes all the desserts that you are afraid to try or have…

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    Leftover Halloween Candy Fudge Brownies

    Growing up I always loved Halloween – I mean what kid doesn’t! Duh – you get Halloween candy. Actually funny story – my dad’s birthday is on Halloween! One might think, how fun is that? But growing up he hated it! Everyone was too busy wanting to celebrate Halloween to celebrate his birthday! So sad! Rude kids. This Halloween was Jake and my FIRST REAL ADULT Halloween! Yes, indeed we have been adults on Halloween before. But we have always lived in apartments, or been travelling – this was the first Halloween we were at home and had to prepare for trick or treaters! I was so excited but had…