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    Deconstructed Lasagna

    Have you ever heard of Deconstructed Lasagna? Or Free Form Lasagna? Its okay if you haven’t! Neither had I! I first discovered deconstructed lasagna at one of our favorite local restaurants here in Columbus – The Market. Full of fresh foods and flavors, The Market offers delicious fresh foods with seasonal menu offerings and GREAT wine. The deconstructed lasagna on their menu, or “Free Form Lasagna” as they call it, changes seasonally. Whether its loaded with meat or completely vegetarian, it is always amazingly yummy. It wasn’t until the seventeenth time that I ordered it that I thought, why haven’t I tried making this? This Deconstructed Lasagna recipe is based…

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    Easy Lasagna

    Lasagna has to be one of my favorite foods. Everything about it is delicious. It might just be the ULTIMATE comfort food – cheesy, saucy, noodle-y – what is not to like? This Easy Lasagna is loaded with fresh ricotta cheese, turkey sausage, and your choice of sauce! I love to use a spicy arrabbiata or creamy vodka sauce, but you do you! Lasagna is one of those controversial dishes – kinda like chili! Every one and their mother has a favorite way to make it. Different meats, sauces, oven-ready noodles, traditional noodles, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese… the options are endless. My favorite part of lasagna is absolutely hands down…