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    Fudgy Homemade Brownies

    Who doesn’t love fudge brownies? I mean seriously. Brownies are just incredible. I would take a brownie over any and all other desserts – cake (no problem), cookies (that’s a tough one, but yes), and even ice cream (sorry mom, don’t disown me!). When it comes to most sweets – cookies, muffins, quickbreads – I much prefer to make recipes from scratch. Most boxed mixes just aren’t that good… Except when it comes to brownies. There are some boxed brownie mixes that are VERY hard to beat. And of course, they are so easy! I usually like to keep a box or two in the house just in case the…

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    HAMATAWHAT? Hamantaschen! What are hamantaschen? Hamantaschen are a triangle shaped cookie often associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim. There are many different theories as to where the cookies came from or why they are named as they are – all I know is that they are delicious! Danielle Feinberg has a great article titled What are Hamantaschen? which has a lot of awesome information if you are actually interested in learning more – if not, here are a few quick, fun facts that I have taken from her article! (All credit goes to Danielle!) The Yiddish word is pronounced huh-min-tah-shun – singular form, hamantasch; plural, hamantaschen During the holiday of Purim,…