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    Apple Cranberry Gorgonzola Salad

    So if you missed my two most recent salad recipes, you may have missed my INCREDIBLE new toasted sesame seed dressing. But, no fear – you have another chance to see it! This Apple Cranberry Gorgonzola Salad is a combination of a few of my other recipes. All you need are a few important ingredients! Fresh spinach (or any other fresh green that you enjoy), crisp apple, tart dried cranberries, creamy gorgonzola, and crunchy almond slices – you can toss with any dressing that you’d like, balsamic or red wine vinagrette are delicious, or you can try my new FAVE dressing – Toasted Sesame Seed! Each bite is delicious and…

  • Mint, Feta, and Veggie Noodle Salad | NOMaste Kitchen
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    Mint, Feta, and Veggie Noodle Salad

    Summer is all about fresh food and fun flavors! Lately, I have been challenging myself to use more fresh herbs like mint, cilantro, parsley, oregano, and basil. Every time that I do, I am so please by how delicious and refreshing the final resulting product is! This recipe for Mint, Feta, and Veggie Noodle Salad is the PERFECT example of just that – refreshing, delicious and fun! This recipe was inspired by a salad that one of my dearest friends made and shared with me – the salad was made with zucchini noodles, arugula, and mint – and it was ABSOLUTELY amazing. I originally planned to make this adapted recipe…